What is Money? || What are the functions of money? 3 rich levels of Money.

What is Money? || What are the functions of money? 3 rich levels of Money.

What is Money? || What are the functions of money?

I can only say this , when i heard it for the first time it made me think.

Really it did! All credit goes to Mr Vick Strizheus for explaining it to me.

Here is the video, have fun and start thinking !


The thing is: what can you do with this information? What has he done with this knowledge?

What is Money? || What are the functions of money? 

It all boils down to becoming aware of how things work ! Creating a different world for yourself.

Understanding that where you are right now is the sum of all your knowledge and thinking.

So if you change your knowledge and thinking about

What is Money? || What are the functions of money?

you will create a whole different mindset on how to acquire it .

Some people have the ability without knowing how it can be acquired and some are born with the knowledge inside them

like a gift or talent , whatever you call it it’s there in that person.

The good thing about this is this knowledge can be learned and applied to everyone who wants it .

Does this kind of thinking interests you ?

Make some time free for this 2 hour webinar that will make your jaw drop with all the info you will get.

Click here to watch full webinar .

Enjoy it and be sure to make notes. A two hour webinar might seem long but once you grasp what is mentioned there , it really

takes your mind to a different level and will set you up to understand certain things .

This is what you will want to have in your possession. This is the kind of thinking that is needed to become aware that you have undiscovered potential in you .

This is how you can extract that potential that is inside you and every other person for that matter .

Listen I don’t want to be the preacher who’s telling you what to do , I am only suggesting that an educated mind understands more than you know .

It’s really that simple, when you educate yourself, your mind has improved with knowledge, keeping your mind educated is a life long investment? Learning never stops if you want to grow yourself! Becoming aware of how money works, what it can do for you, how you can use this information and the list goes on .

We all know that money is important in everyone’s es life, can’t live without it. Even if you don’t like money , you know you have to acquire it to join the community you live in.

But here is the point: it’s not the money you like but what you can do with the money. That is what drives people to acquire it . That is why we all go to work .

If you have a job , whether you like the job you are doing at this time or not , you are exchanging something for money. Time for money or better said what you do in that time in exchange for money . That is what the majority of people are doing. If you want to earn more you have got to understand that you must be the master of money and not the other way around.

You must controle the money and certainly not be controlled by the money. Be aware that is what in many cases is happening.

The most valuable commodity is knowledge, you may loose all your money but you wil never lose the knowledge on how to acquire the abundance of money that is there awaiting to come to you.


So acquire the knowledge and the money wil follow ! Always ! What is Money? || What are the functions of money?



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