Free quality tips for growing on YouTube – Motivational Speaker & Digital Marketing Expert

Free quality tips for growing on YouTube – Motivational Speaker & Digital Marketing Expert

How to extend level marketing on YouTube

Now days, everybody needs to create his or her YouTube channel for branding of their products and services and also for entertainment purpose for becoming star person in the world. Everyone needs to earn from YouTube. That’s why I am giving you smashing free quality tips for growing on YouTube and yes also earn huge revenue from YouTube.

Free quality tips for growing on YouTube

Free quality tips for growing on YouTube

Tip No.01. Before start uploading your video file firstly check out its raw file name means original file name of video.

Tip No.02. Raw file name contains maximum 50 characters so your Title first 50 characters is same as your video raw file name and rest 50 is up to you maximum title length of video is up to 100 characters including spaces.

Tip No.03. Write all your video matters in your video description only in text format. If you need to use hash tags in description for keywords it is good strategy for gain high retention views. Video description contains maximum 5000 characters including spaces.

Tip No.04. Insert relevant tags always in tags columns minimum use at-least 8 tags in your video and also say your tag keywords in your video(Very Important for reliable and authenticate views). Maximum limits of tags using is 500 characters including spaces.

Tip No.05. Share your video on Google+ and twitter with correct use of hash tags strategy for video branding.

Here are podcast of YouTube growing tips for you guys to start listening and also download.

Tip No.06. Always use attractive custom thumbnail for each and every video to force people to view your video.

Tip No.07. After uploading your video insert at-least 3 End screen & Annotations for your previous related video and 1 is your channel subscription icon for displaying and curl audience to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Tip No.08. You can also insert 5 cards after uploading your video. Make sure that your first cards is start with in first 15 seconds of your video to start making engagement with your another videos.

Tip No.09. Subtitles/CC is very important for your video. First selecting correct language of your video and starts inserting each and every line of your video into subtitles for better marketing.

Tip No.10. Make sure that you can always use interaction signals to your all videos means in a background or in between your video there is an like icon, share icon, watch icon, comments icon and subscribe icon will be display. That interacting signals is push user to like, share your video and also better chance to gain your subscribers also.

Tip No.11. In community tab, the first is comment section; when you reply for a particular comment always write your reply in a keyword form. For ex. If you need to thanks than write (thanks for commenting on video on top quality digital marketing tips video.) This is the right method to promote your YouTube channel with your comments reply.

Tip No.12. In community tab, the third option is subscribers section. Send message to your subscribers in keyword form. For ex. (Thanks for subscribing my digital marketing tips videos channel). Subscribing message is very important to boost your YouTube channel.

Tip No.13. In channel section, third option is upload defaults, in the description box. You can insert your YouTube channel URL and all other URL relates to your profile for better engagement with people and also make sure them you are also available at different places always.

Tip No.14. The other option in upload defaults is Ads format. Click on all ad format for monetization of your videos.

Tip No.15. In the channel section, fourth option is Branding, you can always use watermark for increasing subscription for your channel (use subscription image always for better attraction). And display time is select entire all the time.

Tip No.16. In the channel section fifth option is advanced; write exact pinstripe (suits) keywords for your YouTube channel promotions.

Tip No.17. If you need to link your ad-words account to your YouTube channel for marketing also available at advanced option in channel section.

Tip No.18. If you have website or blog (Firstly verify by Google search console by webmaster tool) you can associates in advanced option in channel section of YouTube channel for gaining more views and also attach your videos to your site for more engagement with people.

Tip No.19. You can also insert Google Analytics property tracking ID to your YouTube channel for better knowing your audience from where your audience comes from.

Tip No.20. Always create long videos in your channel for more consume timing point of view. It also increase watch time of your YouTube channel. And lift your video to the top position of YouTube listing.

Tip No.21. First 15 seconds of video is need to more enthusiastic for creating interest of your audiences. YouTube always measure first 15 seconds of your video for increasing position of your video in their given listing.

Tip No.22. Always say all tags means keywords in your video verbally because of correct measuring of quality and content.

Thanks for reading these fundamental of YouTube promotions. If you still need more detail about you tube marketing and promotions you can contact me and also watch my YouTube channel for more detailed information about growing on YouTube and make massive level of income by you tube.

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