Entrepreneur School – Become NR 1 | | Amazing times ahead …

Entrepreneur School – Become NR 1 | | Amazing times ahead …

Entrepreneur School – Does it exist?

A good question, don’t you think so ?


I have often wondered if there is such a school, yes there are Entrepreneur School , the better term is business school . Like Harvard and such .


But does that really work ? If you graduate from Harvard I have no doubts you will instantly have job offers. But for many of us who do not have the pleasure to have had that kind of education it is a different story.


Entrepreneur School

Entrepreneur School – Does it exist? Amazing times ahead …


I am sure you will agree with me that the only way for most people to learn about entrepreneur ship is thru courses that are given by people who have already proven to be successful.

Just like the founder of the 4% group. He put in a lot of effort to create his dream where people are thought the best ways to become a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur School

Is what he really wanted to have when he got started. But there was no such thing available on the internet and still isn’t. (until now)

So he promised himself that int he event that he was successful he would build a platform for entrepreneurs . It is still in the works, almost ready when I am writing this.

This started out as an idea about 3 years ago and now there is this ting called the challenge he has build . Third version at this time and the most Bona Fide at this time.

It literally takes you by the hand and tells you what you need to do and why you need to do it .

Before I go on ranting about it why don’t you have a look at this free webinar he has created in which he tells you what you need in order to become successful. The basics and some advanced stuff aswell .

Be sure to take some notes , I really mean that , TAKE NOTES !

Click here to access free webinar .

When I first saw the webinar it was an eye opener, these basics are not thought in schools , at least not that I know of. I actually know that some “guru’s” have sold this information for lot’s of dollars . If you see a mastermind being sold this is what you get . Super strategic information .

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity.

Don’t be afraid to implement this .

Don’t be lazy in using them .

Don’t let anybody tell you this doesn’t work! They are probably not aware on how to use this.

It will sound strange when you learn of these principles , you might even think this stuff is weird but it just works, I am telling you it just works.

Go watch what I mean !

Entrepreneur School

I am not a guru, I am just a person with a plan and a strategie i have learned from my mentor and creator of the 4% group.

Once you have seen the videos and have seen and watched the whole webinar you can access thru the links in this post you will understand why I am doing this .

You will also understand the importance of creating a bad blog versus not creating a blog at all. It is better to take imperfect action than to perfect inaction.

I have been a watcher for so many years now, that i just recently started to create content, videos and blog articles.

At first I was concerned about the content i was writing but being myself was the key here . Just write what you know and share your thoughts with like minded people, like yourself or you wouldn’t read this entire post.

So get inspired , watch the webinar again and again, and start taking action, the right action!


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Have a great day || Carpe Diem

-Nicolas Vanhoucke

Entrepreneur school

Entrepreneur School


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