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A ship without a harbor to go to will go nowhere , So be sure to know where you are going ! Set your goals , believe that these goals are already happend and see what will happen ....

It All Starts With A Desire .....

Hi , my name is Nicolas Vanhoucke. To make it easier for people to remember my name I `` Englished `` my name .
Hence Nic From The Corner .
I don't even know if that is a word but hey , you get the point , right ?

First I would like to welcome you into my world .

I am a husband and father of one daughter ( seventeen already when I am writing this )
and Internet Entrepreneur .

I am just a regular person like you , my strenght is I am always learning new things
that can aid in my quest to improve my life , the life of the people whom I come in contact with,
the life of those who want to be helped .

I used to be going from one program to another, the so called `` Shiny Object Syndrom ``
You might say I am an expert on that subject.
My ADVICE : Stop doing that ASAP !

Those are just gimmicks, it works for a few and only for a while .

Creating a real online business is what I am doing here , and frankly that should be your goal to !
That is why I partnered up with The Four Percent Group who's only objective is to create succesful
online Entrepreneurs all over the world .

My goal here with my site is to provide you with FREE value, showing you my progression.
And of course , or I wouldn't be a good marketer , recommending you the tools and products
I use to realise my goals . Such as ...... ``The Challenge`` ......

In conclusion my friend , I have set my goals ! And as Earl Nightingaele says :

Every person who has a goal will succeed because he knows where he is going !

Nicolas Vanhoucke

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Ask and it shall be Given to you

Seek and you shall Find

Knock and it shall be Opened

For everyone that Asketh Receiveth

For everyone who Seeketh Findeth

For everyone that Knocketh it Shall be Opened to You .