3 Steps in Digital Marketing Strategy for A Motivational Speaker

3 Steps in Digital Marketing Strategy for A Motivational Speaker

If you or your client is a motivational speaker and looking for the best digital marketing strategy to implement, then this article is essential for you. The Best Marketing Strategy for Keynote Speaking Business is:

2. Make money while sleeping
3.Recurring the revenue

One can’t afford to ignore marketing because the competitors don’t stop. You can bet that the competitors have SOME digital marketing strategy.

There’s no getting around it. You must have a precise online presence to keep up the pace. We’re trying to answer the question “What’s the best marketing strategy for keynote speaking business?” Here’s the answer for you!

1. Automation

For sure, using an inbound marketing strategy doesn’t mean you’ll give up speaking or writing. However, it will drive your speaking and writing.

Consider this scenario:

You speak at a significant show, and 5,000 people attended the show. During the talk, you offer the audience the opportunity to join your mailing list through a simple text message. If half the audience takes your offer, then you’ve added 2,500 NEW contacts to your email list. Isn’t it cool? However, say only 10% of the audience joins, then also you get 500 new contacts – hot leads, instantly!
These are the people who saw you in action and loved you. Hence, they decided to connect with you. You can send these contacts a series of emails that let them know on a specific topic to grow your authority as a well-known expert. You can engage with these new prospects or customers every week without travel and speaking in person. You can include promotional information, for example, a webinar or Master Class for X amount. If only 100 of the mail recipients opt to join the webinar, you’ll make hefty revenue from doing nothing special other than setting it all up – and that too in very less time. So what are you waiting for? Fast-forward to your next keynote speaking engagement. The same thing will happen: People will sign up for your list, receive the workflow, and purchase your exclusive offer!
This way you’re making bank every month from an exclusively automated system, isn’t it?

The potential is there to make a handsome amount of money EVERY MONTH from a system that you have set up with a one or two-time investment for 10 to 20 hours each! That’s the real beauty of the automation!

2. Make Money While You Are Asleep

This approach will surely help you cut down on your travel time. Let’s take the previous example a step forward. Your webinar or Master Class has engaged 100 people now, which turns them into “hot leads or prospects.”

Your next step is to offer these leads something a little more in-depth and more valuable, like a Mastermind Group for some Y amount.

Maybe you’ll only get 20 people out of 100, who bought your first offer and who are ready to invest in themselves again. Well, that’s another good revenue you’re pulling down for yourself, on top of the one you had already made from the webinar or Master Class. That’s an additional profit for you.

This way, inbound marketing strategy keeps your work and business running while you’re spending more time at home with the family or maybe catching up on some much-needed sleep or other essential tasks. You snooze, and your revenue snowballs!

3. Recurring the Revenue

Remember, your investment in any digital product is the key to building a stream of recurring income. You will have to invest time to create the online materials, but they’re scalable, and you won’t have to hire a 15-20 person team to manage the same. You alone along with a couple of teammates can handle it successfully!

However, you will need SOME help here. As a renowned inbound marketing agency, Social Ebox Agency is helping keynote speakers and authors to build a personalized strategy to grow profits using digital campaigns.

  • Here is our strategy:
    Create any small-ticket item to get people to join your mailing list such as free e-book download, any physical book they purchase, a speaking event, etc.
  • Nurture them through buying a well and higher-priced item.
    Next, offer them an even bigger-ticket item.
  • Then, pull out the big guns, a subscription product for your service!
    Getting Started!

There’s an audience across the globe, that needs your unique knowledge.

However, crazy travel and spending so much time isn’t reliable. An inbound marketing strategy that’s customized for motivational speakers and authors allows you to build the career you’ve always dreamed of.

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