I Almost Gave Up ….

I Almost Gave Up ….

I genuinely want all my business-minded friends and followers to see and experience this.

People who know me know that I am dreamer. Mr Dreamer and here is my story !

Have you had that idea that you always wanted to be succesful and become financial independed when you reach retiring age ?

Therefore I searched on the best place to look and that is the internet .
” The Laptop Lifestyle ” is so appealing to me and many other dreamers .

Me,a 52 year old dreamer , could I and master this search for success ?

Have you tried what Mr Society told you to do , work hard and you will be rewarded for your hard work !
Rewarded with taxes and the knowledge that when you retire you will be rewarded with a small compensation
for working very hard your whole life long .
Not very appealing I must admit and not a very encouraging future to work for !

Me, Mr Dreamer looking to better his life turned his attention to the internet .
A truly magical place it is , you will find everything on there .
So my search lead me to Mr Millionaire who was willing to teach Mr Dreamer
how to become like him , being able to live the good life .
Mr Millionaire knew Mr Dreamer’s ambition and asked to be rewarded with a monetary value ,
so Mr Dreamer did what was asked and started his adventure online , but little did he know that
what Mr Millionaire sold him was only a part of the road to success and only gave
little bits and pieces always asking more and more for the pieces to the road of success .

This didn’t work out like Mr Dreamer wanted it to .

A big illusion richer , an empty wallet and about to give up , my little voice inside me said to never give up !
There must be a way , there must be someone who really wants me to succeed and is willing to teach me .
Don’t Give Up ! Never Quit !

So I decided to stay and give it one more shot .

I am so glad I didn’t throw in the towel when all logic and common sense screamed :”Give up!”

That is when Mr Dreamer came across another Mr Millionaire , but this time Mr Dreamer was cautious not to repeat the mistakes Mr Dreamer made before !
So you see even mistakes learn you something .

What is the difference here ? Well he called himself Mr Dreamer who became a millionaire .
So Mr Dreamer asked him the same question on how to change his life around like Mr Dreamer wanted to live .


If you want to change the outcome of your desired life , you must change the way you think and act .

But Mr Dreamer who became a millionaire said he could not teach everybody personally .
So he created a training program and called it ” The Challenge “ !

See for yourself , he said . But you will have to follow my daily instructions to the ” T ”
if you want the some result as I have . A success pill everyday to move you forward in your quest !

His idea is simple – do the polar opposite of what everybody else in your marketplace is doing. Take charge and build YOU.
Do so by doing certain things in a certain way.

I am excited to say this “Challenge” has already changed me . Like this post that I am writing now , it is one of the
action steps I have to take , telling people my story . Something I wouldn’t have dared to share with the world .
My outcome for what I am doing with the challenge is to share with people that ” The Challenge ” truly works .

If you’re reading this and you’re anything like I was in the beginning – I sincerely invite you to check out
The FourPercent Challenge.
I don’t want to sell you on it or whatever. I’m just saying – if you’re struggling and want somebody to take
you by the hand and show you what to do, how to do it, when, and why…

Without confusion, frustration, overwhelm…

Check this out and experience this for yourself !

Mr Dreamer
Nic From The Corner

Ps . If I can help you in any way – this is it.

Hope this (quite long) story inspires you to move forward and perhaps give it one more shot.

I’m telling you – the only way to fail in anything is to give Up.

Don’t give up.

You got this. You can do it.

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