Nicolas Vanhoucke AKA Nic From The Corner
I just `` Englished `` my name so it is easy to remember .

Father and husband is my first reason for living , they (daughter and wife) are my reason why I am doing what I am doing .
Becoming a successful online marketer has always been my goal.
It never stops by the way , no matter how good you are or will become , there is always more to learn !
By choosing a mentor like Mr Vick Strizheus has given my the confidence to proceed with my journey and growing my knowledge base.
Helping people succeed online with counceling and giving advice on how to improve their online businesses .
Joined The Four Percent Group when it was only a vision .
Creating and growing into the most effective online training center for the modern Oline marketers and entrepreneurs.
Out of that vision `` The Challenge `` is created !
Industry's most powerful step-by-step success-engeneering program that will help thousands if not more to succeed online !

The Mission

Helping people to become what they aspire to become, everybody has it in them to become whatever they desire to become .

Our mission is to show YOU how you can become what you desire to become !

Dare To Create The Life You Desire

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